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Terms and Conditions

All new comers must complete the following health assessment form. You are recommend to complete the form in advance to save the time for class.

Health assessment Form

  1. Cancellation policy - A 24-hour cancellation policy is applied in all private, semi-private, group classes training in Blute Fitness Limited. Your cancellation has to be made by yourself via our website for group classes, and via WhatsApp messages for private or semi-private classes. In case the website does not work, please WhatsApp us to inform any cancellation 24 hours before the starting time of the session. If the cancellation is not made 24 hours before the starting time of the session, your session would be fully charged. Rescheduling is considered as cancellation, which has to be made 24 hours before class starting time, as we have to cancel your original appointment and put you with a new appointment.

  2. Group class arrangement - Group class will commence when there are two or more participants enrolled. Cancellation notice due to insufficient participants will be issued 24 hours before class starting time.

  3. Valid period - all packages come with a valid period. All the sessions purchased are non-transferable. Please note the package expiry date and make sure you can complete the whole package within the valid period. You might not be able to have your paid sessions back if your package is expired. In any event no refund will be made by Blute Fitness Limited.

  4. Advanced payment - all booked sessions have to be paid in advance. Full payment is required for the confirmation of the session. You could settle the payment using our website online payment platform (Visa/ Master), FPS or ATM transfer. Please inform us via WhatsApp after paying via FPS & ATM transfer.

  5. Dress code - Please wear comfortable sportswear (without zippers) for the class. You must wear non-slip socks for the session. Socks are mandatory for all classes. If you experience any discomfort during the session, please stop immediately and seek medical consultation.

  6. When used appropriately, the Pilates equipment can facilitate many Pilates exercises safely and effectively. However, care and caution must be taken as there are some inherent dangers when using any exercise equipment, especially when spring resistance is involved. All equipment should only be used under the supervision of our instructors.

  7. Please switch your phone to silent mode when you are in a class, this will ensure every client can enjoy their exercise time and focus on their bodies. Thank you for your cooperation.


Should there be any dispute arise, Blute Fitness Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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